Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Betty Refour is a contemporary abstract artist and caregiver to her sister Rose, who is also an artist, and who is autistic. This artistic duo live and work in Oklahoma City.

A Quick Glance, Betty Refour

Betty is a sports fan and especially loves tennis. She also loves doing crafts and other creative endeavors. In addition to creating art, she knits, and makes jewelry, soap and candles.

Her Dreams Were Of Colors,Betty Refour

Betty’s fascination with art began when she was a child. She would sit for hours drawing geometric shapes in patterns and different color combinations. Later she became very interested in fashion, and began doing drawings of photos from magazines and catalogs. After high school, Betty decided to become a Fashion Designer and studied at a small Art & Design school in Texas. After graduation she couldn’t find a job as a designer and so pursued other interests. Years later, while recovering from an injury, Betty went out to purchase a painting for her home and couldn’t fine one she liked. She went and bought a canvas and supplies and went home to paint. Although her background was in illustration, she went ahead and put brush to canvas and found painting to be very therapeutic. She started getting commissions right away and has been painting every since. She did take a painting class about ten years later, but otherwise she paints to her own tune.

Lovely Day, Betty Refour

Abstract works and an occasional still life are Betty’s usual style. Rose creates charming, folk art and abstract pieces.

Beautiful Sunshine, Rose Refour

Betty is inspired by color, texture, fabric, architecture and many other things. The possibilities are limitless. Rose is inspired by shapes, colors, nature and people.

Another City Art Card, Betty Refour

Betty considers herself to be a self-taught painter.

Out On A Limb, Betty Refour

Since moving to Oklahoma, Betty has not participated much in local groups or galleries. She has however been in a few group art shows and has had one solo show.

Untitled Abstract Art Card, Betty Refour

Currently Betty has no plans to integrate any new methods or techniques into her work. We can however expect to see more bright colors and geometric shapes in her upcoming work.

Bloom, Betty Refour

Betty makes her work available in several places online. Original art, reproductions and note cards are available from her B. Refour shop on Etsy. Reproductions, jewelry and cards are available through her other Etsy shop Noteworthy Crafts. Her Cafepress shop B.Refour offers Breast Cancer Awareness products and Ovarian Cancer Awareness items are available at
B.A.Refour on Cafepress.
You can see more of her art at Bettys Art on Zazzle. Other online shops include Betty Refour Posters on ART.COM and original work is available through Betty Refour on Artist Rising.

She Sprinkled The Magic Dust Over The Flower Garden While The Sun Smiled In The Distance, Rose Refour

Rose’s artwork is available on her shop Rose Refour on Etsy and in her Cafepress shop Rose Refour.

The Diva Wore Red Lipstick, Rose Refour

Betty and Rose are active in Autism Awareness work. They are gearing up for events during April, which is Autism Awareness Month.

Trio - Because It's Always Best To Stick Together, Rose Refour

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  1. It's my pleasure Betty :) Getting some good reactions here and comments on my facebook page :)

  2. This is a great piece on the Refour sisters. I purchased a beautiful necklace made by Rose and wear it all the time.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed learning more about Betty and her sister. Love both of their artwork!

  4. Wonderful to see your art featured here today Betty and Rose! Ruth does such a marvelous job of writing and interviewing...such wonderful artwork too! Best and Blessings to you both,