Wednesday, January 19, 2011


As long as she can remember, digital artist Carolyn Schiffhouer had an inner desire to express her creativity. Her artistic journey led her through a maze of mediums and techniques, from experimenting with fibre arts, to performing Celtic music for 7 years and finally to exploring the endless possibilities of digital graphic art.

INTO WINTER, Carolyn Schiffhouer

Carolyn became an ‘Etsian’ after observing that some of her cohorts at EBSQ were marketing their work there. Knowing she needed more outlets to market her beautiful work, she opened her Etsy shop MOON DANCE DESIGN. Her clientele generally find their way to her shop via word of mouth.

BARN WITH SKY, Carolyn Schiffhouer

The tools Carolyn uses are the computer, various types of digital software and her own photography. Some of the software she uses includes Photoshop, Painter, various types of Filter software and Apophysis.

Carolyn see’s the computer as the paint brush of the 21st century and feels that this medium will have the impact on the art world in this century that the camera, or the style of the Impressionists and Abstractionists had at the turn of the last century.

Inspiration for Carolyn’s amazing images comes from the world around her. In addition to the wonders she achieves with digital techniques, discovering Fractals opened Carolyn’s horizons further. Using her diverse tools, she layers images, filters colors and creates digital collages comprised of photos, fractals and effects to produce amazingly beautiful images with a somewhat surreal flavor.

AWASH IN FLOWERS, Carolyn Schiffhouer

Next up from Carolyn’s studio will be a group of cityscapes. She has amassed some great photographs of some beautiful cities and feels it is time to create a series. I’m looking forward to seeing this new collection!

PILLARS, Carolyn Schiffhouer

Carolyn’s advice for newbies to Etsy is to market, market, market! Being active in the Etsy community is a great way to be found.

WHITE ORCHID, Carolyn Schiffhouer

Besides Etsy, Carolyn markets her work on Ebay under the ID bromley2. Other Moon Dance Design shops can be found on ARTFIRE and BONANZA

Connect with Carolyn on facebook at Digital Art of Carolyn Schiffhouer

CROSSING THE LOG BRIDGE, Carolyn Schiffhouer

In addition to her online shops, Carolyn belongs to two galleries, The Winkler Gallery of Fine Art in DuBois, Pa., and the Earthworks Gallery in Penn Yan, New York. Recently Carolyn did a show at a local Retirement Community and is presently having a one woman show at Michelle’s Café in Clarion, Pa.

REMEMBRANCES, Carolyn Schiffhouer

All Images Copyright Carolyn Schiffhouer, All Rights Reserved

Written by Ruth J Jamieson, Copyright Ruth J Jamieson


  1. I love Carolyn's digital artworks. Those orchids are one of my favorites! :D

  2. This is fantastic Ruth! Lovely work by Carolyn, simply wonderful, thank you!

  3. I love Carolyn's work too Amanda! I find it hard to choose a fave :)

  4. Thank you so much Cherie! I'm loving sharing so many wonderful artists and all their fantastic work :)